2 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Hi,

    I haven’t had time to read through your whole blog, however, I have read “My Journey”, and excuse me if you’ve already been asked about this, but have you been checked for Lyme disease by a reliable lab (Igenix)? I have Lyme disease and so have also read a lot about it and other people’s stories. Believe me, everything you described sounds so much like lyme disease I can’t help wondering. Like CFS, it also is a diagnosis full of controversy – difficulty in getting diagnosed, being told it’s depression and difficulty in finding agreement on treatment. However, I do know that a lot of people who were orginally diagnosed with CFS and/or fibromyalgia later regained complete healing after being diagnosed and treated for lyme disease. So, if you haven’t looked into it already, it might be worth your while at least to do some reading on it to see if you recognize the symptoms.

    • Hi Linda, welcome!! I really appreciate your suggestion and your desire to keep us all educated. I have read about the confusion and sometimes mistake of diagnosing CFS or Fibro instead of Lyme or vice versa. I was tested for Lyme years ago and the test came back negative. I know technology is getting better so, perhaps it would be time to re-test or at least look into it. I must admit though that I really don’t think that what I have is Lyme b/c my mom had fibro – there’s a heredity factor – and I just fit the stereotypical, type-A profile. I also can trace faint symptoms back into my childhood, years before the symptoms flared into a syndrome. Having said that, I am always researching and looking for ways to improve my health, so this is worth looking into again. Thanks for the suggestion!

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