Tuesday Tip – The Good Days

When I first became ill, over 16 years ago, I rarely had “good days”. I’m not sure if that pattern is the same for everyone, but CFS hit me like a brick wall and was unrelenting for about 18 months. As time went by, I learned more about my body and how to handle the exhaustive list of symptoms. I learned little tricks and helps along the way that has allowed me to live a full (not symptom free) life. I am ever so grateful for that! I can’t control this illness, but I do know that stress makes it worse. So, I am constantly in a state of stress prevention and energy preservation. Anyone else live like this? It’s kind of a necessity and mentally exhausting. Although this can be helpful in preventing flares, sometimes it just takes away all the fun.

The Good Days. Ah, the good days. They come few and far between, but do you ever have them? These are the glorious days where you actually feel “normal”. No pain, no fatigue, no digestive trouble or aching muscles. No headaches, muscle weakness, ears ringing, brain fog, or insomnia. No dizziness, light headedness, nausea, depression or anxiety. Just normal. Just like everyone else, normal. When these days come, instead of fully appreciating them, I sometimes allow them to make me mad. Crazy, right? Why would I waste energy on being upset? Well, because it is these days that make me realize how sick I really am. When I get a taste of the energy levels that most normal people have everyday, I become envious. I can’t even imagine feeling like this everyday!!!! Oh, the things I could do! Still working on these feelings….

Anyway, this tip is about how to handle those good days. I used to live in such a state of stress prevention that I was afraid to expend energy on the good days, because I was scared that if I overdid it, I would pay dearly for it. I am a very cautious person by nature. This strategy of living is necessary when living with cfs and fibro, BUT I have also found that when the rare good day comes, I should TAKE ADVANTAGE!!! Get up and go and do and enjoy! You can’t predict when the bad days will come, maybe they will come because you overdid it, but maybe they’ll come just because. When you have some energy, my advice is to go and do. Don’t be as freakishly cautious as I have been. I am learning. Always learning. And this is one thing that I recently have come to enjoy. Not worrying so much about tomorrow’s consequences and enjoying my life today. Any kind of energy when dealing with these syndromes is pure BLESSING! 🙂

When the really good day strikes, and hopefully you occasionally get those days, go get that room painted, or shop all day, or bake dozens of cookies, or socialize with loved ones, or spring clean, or work on a project, or stay up late, or do whatever it is that you dream of having the energy to do! Enjoy it and then when the bad days come you can remind yourself that a good day just might be right around the corner. And that just may be the only thing that can get you through your day!

Blessings, friends!



One thought on “Tuesday Tip – The Good Days

  1. I usually pay the next day for having all that energy the day before, but I think you are right. We do need to take advantage when we can! Good word!

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