Tuesday Tip – Staying Warm

I like to be warm. I am “cold blooded” by nature and I hate the shivery, cold feeling. It ties my muscles all up in knots.  I am fortunate to live in Florida where cold weather is for a very short season and it rarely gets miserably cold. Many people with fibromyalgia have said that weather affects their pain. Humidity, barometric pressure, rain, storm fronts, COLD, etc… I can’t say that I have seen a weather pattern with my pain, except for the cold weather. When it is bitter cold outside, my aches and pains are worse. I just don’t like to be cold.

Some things that I do to stay warm:

1. I’ve told you this before, but I love long, HOT showers. There has to be a lot of water pressure or it’s kind of pointless for me. I use the water pressure and the hot water to loosen up tight, painful muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back. (I am not a bath type person, but I hear that warm or hot baths with some Epsom salt is really nice! 🙂 Sheds toxins and lessens pain.)

2. A rice heat pack – you can read my thoughts about that from another blog post. I am sure a heating pad works very similar to a rice pack, but I have not tried it.

3. My feet are always cold. I love cozy, colorful, warm, fuzzy socks to wear around the house and keep my feet toasty warm in the winter. And some super soft slippers! I also keep lots of throw blankets laying around the house to use when I’m watching TV or cuddling with the kiddos.

4.  I love to drink hot tea!  (Maybe for you, it’s coffee.)

5. I recently read a very interesting article that Dr. Teitelbaum wrote about a study among fibro patients. They used wool clothing and bedding to keep fibromyalgia pain levels down during the winter. You can read that article here. I find it fascinating, although I have not tried it – wool and Florida probably don’t mix well. 🙂 But perhaps some of you northerners would benefit. It’s worth a read.

It’s winter!!! Time to keep your body warm and see if it reduces your pain levels during the cold season! Anyone else have any great ideas to lessen pain during bad weather?


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Staying Warm

  1. Cold weather is definitely a trigger for me. I always like to wear/use materials that are comforting and warm. I sleep with heavy, super-soft blankets and keep a supply of fuzzy socks handy. My fiancée just bought me a pair of really fuzzy pink slippers….I love love love them! They help in the mornings when my feet hurt and when its hard to walk. My feet are always cold too, which makes them hurt worse. Maybe I’m the only one, but I usually feel better and have less anxiety when I am warm and wrapped up in something cozy. It hurts sometimes especially during a flare to wear or use hard/scratchy materials. It can be torturous! I agree with you Ann, If you ever have that cold to-the bone-achy feeling, hot tea does help! I also like to light candles when I’m feeling especially chilled and achy. Sometimes a little atmosphere can do wonders 🙂 So, my ritual when I’m cold and hurting? A recliner, soft heavy blankets, fuzzy socks, heating pad(s), a flickering candle, a cup of hot tea, and some classical music. Ah, love it! 🙂

    • CeeCee, you are my kind of girl!!! You ritual sounds just perfect! And I agree that being all wrapped up in cozy, comfy, warm clothes and blankets just makes me feel better – you are definitely not the only one. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks, Ann! I have to agree with you — my hands and feet are cold all the time! Something that helps me is a little fabric bag with unpopped feed corn kernels inside (corn bag — our family calls it a “cozy bag”.) Anyway, I heat it up in the microwave & then, I put one by my feet every night in bed. When my feet finally warm up, then my body can relax and then, hopefully, I can fall asleep. Also, I use one when I am sitting down on the sofa to watch tv; otherwise, I am just too cold!!

  3. I was told by the World Reknown Research Dr. who named our Disease of FMS/CFS- to use wool it actually helps warm the muscles and loosen them making you feel better- even wool sheets to sleep on helps in the winter,cold months!! Hope this helps- You can find His effective treatment at his website- http://www.endfatigue.com

    • Yes, April, that is the site I was referring to in this post. There’s a link to that very article that you mentioned! Dr. T has great ideas and keeps up with the latest research. I am so glad to have found him as a resource!

  4. Ann, I’m trying to catch up reading all your articles I missed when I was down with my knee replacements. One thing I do here in MO when it is really cold outside is I have some nice soft and warm long johns (tops and bottoms). They are called Cuddle Duds, and you can get them at various places. They are probably on sale now since we are into Spring so you might be able to pick up a few pairs for a better price. I wear them to work under my slacks or long jean skirts. I love them and they really help to keep my legs warm.

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