Tuesday Tip – Massage at Home

I like massage. My fibromyalgia pain often feels like my muscles are being compressed in a vice or pulled so tight that touching them will snap them in half. Massage brings GREAT relief to me when I am in pain. The relief doesn’t last, it’s only temporary. I have not found any long term benefits to massage, but in the painful moments, massage brings me relief. Many people with fibromyalgia do not enjoy massage because it hurts. Completely understandable. If that is you, then perhaps this tip is not for you. Although massage does hurt in the moment, I feel like it is a good hurt. It is releasing some of the tension, knots, and pain by increasing blood flow, relaxation, and flexibility. I always feel better after a massage by a massage therapist. I am a mother to five kids, so if nothing else, it brings relaxation! 🙂 But it truly does bring pain relief too.

There are times when the pain is so bad, that I wish the massage fairy would just show up at 11PM because I am hurting so bad and can’t sleep. I have said, I would pay a million dollars to have a massage therapist walk through my front door right at that moment!!!! OK, so I don’t have a million dollars, but you get my point. I have an awesome husband, but one of his flaws is that he doesn’t like or appreciate a massage. How can a normal person NOT like a massage? I don’t know, but he doesn’t. Because he finds no enjoyment in massage, he consequently does not know how to give one!!! I’ll give him credit for trying, but he just really isn’t any good at it! ♥ (Love you, Tony!) ♥

When in a flare, my muscles beg for relief – like a swollen balloon that needs to be deflated. My tender points – especially in my neck, shoulders, and hips – beg for release. It is not convenient or cheap to constantly run to a massage therapist, so my next best friend is the handheld massager, like this one from Homedics. I really like it and it helps me when I need to relieve the pain. For me, using the massager hurts like heck. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it is a good hurt. Because when I am done, I always feel better. I have been known to cry from the pain while using it. When times are really bad, terribly flared, extremely painful, getting a massage or using the Homedics massager can be torture. But the pay off for me when I am done, is that I feel so much better – like I have released some of the pressure. I don’t know if any of you can relate to that or if that is just how my body works.

I have heard other people with fibro say that massage makes things worse. If I am NOT in a flare and I have a DEEP tissue massage then digging around in my muscles will indeed stir things up and cause a flare – better off just sticking with a light relaxation massage. But during a flare, when I need pain relief, massage is a great tool. One bit of advice, you MUST drink a lot of water after a massage, if you don’t things will get worse. You have to drink water to flush out all the toxins. This is an important step that many people forget. When I forget to do this, I end up very, very sore and even more fatigued.

If massage brings you relief, then I highly suggest the Homedics Percussion Massager. I am in no way being asked to promote it – just my personal tip for the day!!!!

What about all of you? does massage help you? or make things worse?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – Massage at Home

  1. Yes, I agree. Massage helps me,too. I get one once a week. It keeps me from constantly taking Advil. The pain is a good pain b/c you know it is flushing toxins from your lymphatic system. Sometimes when desperate, I use my kids’ hard bouncy ball. I put it on the carpet, lay back, shoulder (whatever area is most balled up and in pain) and I ease my weight down on that ball and it gradually releases the tense area. Not as good as a full-blown massage and quite painful, but it helps a bit. (One more thing — my massage therapist is a lovely woman, a committed Christian and I know she prays for me during the massage–what a blessing!)

    • Shelley, I had to laugh at using your kids’ bouncy ball! 🙂 But, hey, we gotta do whatever works, right? What a blessing to have a massage therapist who includes prayer as part of her service! I think I need to find me one of those! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have had massages in the past that were deep tissue and I could not function for days. Then I had a great massage therapist that taught me about myofascial release massage which makes one with fibromyalgia relax without pain for once. The trigger points are the worse to work out, and I had knots so bad in my arms and upper body it took her nearly two hours to get them out, but my therapist had fibromyalgia also and she knew how much better she felt after receiving this type of massage and learned to perform them herself so she could help her patients get some relief.

    • What a blessing to have a therapist who knows what fibro feels like! I have had myofascial release massages in the past, but haven’t found someone to do them recently. They are wonderful at working out the knots and pain. Thanks for sharing, Monnette!

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