Wisdom in Chronic Illness

Well, I intended to write a blog post to share today, but I have had a busy, busy week and I have even more on my plate today.  So, I refer you to a devotional that I wrote for Rest Ministries.  Rest Ministries is a great resource for Christian encouragement for all types of chronic illness.  The founder, Lisa Copen, was gracious enough to post another one of my writings this week.  Click on the link below and I hope you are uplifted today!  Blessings!

Why We Should Make Seeking Wisdom a Priority When Chronically Ill


3 thoughts on “Wisdom in Chronic Illness

  1. Again, a great reminder to all of us to seek His wisdom every day. If we fail to do so, our time is wasted, spent doing what WE feel is necessary, instead of being in His will. Thanks again, Ann, a great post! Glad you all had a good week with Dad, praying you get rested up from all the excitement.

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