Tuesday Tip – “Feel Better” List, Emotional

Last Tuesday, I posted my “Feel Better” List, Physical. I hope you were able to relate to the things on my list and come up with your own list. I really think it helps to have it written down, so when you feel bad you don’t even need to think. So, as promised, here is my emotional list. This list is for when you are feeling depressed, discouraged, or overwhelmed about fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue syndrome. For me, the emotional days are usually during a terrible physical day, so I often implement both lists in one day. I hope this gives you some ideas, so that you are able to make your own list. Happy list making!

Emotional List – for the sad, teary, frustrated, hopeless, discouraged, overwhelmed type                               day

1.  Prayer and Praises. Talking with my Saviour.

2.  Read a favorite passage of Scripture.

3.  Call my husband, mom, or friend that is supportive and understanding. Sometimes just        telling someone I feel awful and getting some sympathy can lift my spirit.

4.  Watch a favorite TV show or movie. Chillin’ on the couch.

5.  Eat something comforting. In moderation, of course! Usually something sweet.

6.  Facebook  (I’m an addict. I escape reality by reading about other people’s lives. :-))

7.  Playing the piano and/or singing. (What hobby are you passionate about?)

8.  Listening to comforting music, but this usually makes me cry, so not always helpful.               Music is the fastest way to my emotions.

9.  Hugs, kisses, and sympathy from my little ones.

10. Telling hubby I feel down and giving myself permission to not be super mom today.

11. Take a rest/nap.

12. Be grateful.

13. Fresh air and sunshine. Sitting on the porch or a very short, leisurely walk.

14. Cry.

15. Read something that encourages me – a note, a book, a blog, etc…

Does anything on this list help to lift your spirit? What would your “emotional” list look like? Would you like to share an idea with us? Maybe it could help all of us.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – “Feel Better” List, Emotional

  1. thanks for your post…I am following your blog and please do the same for me. I work daily to change my attitude and look for the positives that are going on around me as I travel this journey. some days are harder than others, but it gets just a little easier when I am able to see that there are others that are working to feel better and inspire others that are going through. Continue to be lead and bless others with your writing….

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