Tuesday Tip – “Feel Better” List, Physical

Let me introduce you to my “feel better” lists. I have two of them. One for when I am in a flare up and having a horrible day physically and one for when I am emotionally down and out and completely discouraged. Today, I am sharing my physical “feel better” list. Next Tuesday, I’ll share my emotional “feel better” list with you. Often when I am in a rough spot, it is hard to make myself stop and think, “ What can I do in this moment to help myself feel better?” So, I made lists. I am a bit obsessed with lists because if I don’t write it down, I am sure to forget it. So, I write EVERYTHING down. 🙂

Obviously, this physical list is tailored to me personally and may not work for you. I encourage you to make your OWN list. And next time you are in tremendous pain or overwhelmed with fatigue immediately implement the list. See if it helps. I can say that almost every single time I use my list, I do feel somewhat better.

Physical List – major pain, fatigue, all around miserable, stuck on the couch or in bed kind of day.

1.  Take pain meds. (I’m an over the counter type girl, usually Aleve.)

2.  Lay down. Close eyes. Be still and quiet. Consciously relax every muscle in my body, starting with my head and moving all the way down to my toes.

3.  Deep breathing.

4.  Drink a full glass of water.

5.  Self massage. Use handheld, massager on tight and painful muscles.

6.  Eat protein to help raise low blood sugars.

7.  Sleep.

8.  Massage temples and eyebrows to relieve stress. (I got this tip from Dr. Oz and I love it!)

9.  Take a loooooooooong, HOT shower.

10.  Hot rice pack on shoulders and neck.

11.  Hot herbal tea.

12.  Appointment with the chiropractor.

13.  Appointment with a massage therapist.

14.  Stretch muscles.

Does anything on this list help YOU to feel better? What would your “physical” list look like? I encourage you to make one for yourself. Would you like to share an idea with us? Maybe it could help all of us.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip – “Feel Better” List, Physical

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