Casting Care

My Inspiration:

I Peter 5:7

Casting all your care upon Him for He careth for you. (KJV)

My thoughts:

I like how the KJV uses the word “care.” Other versions use the word anxiety. Anxiety sounds like such a modern, clinical term. I like the word care. My cares. My worry, fear, panic, loneliness, frustration, bitterness, doubt, sadness, anger, despair, self-pity, and discouragement. Does any of this sound familiar? I am a firm believer that as humans we should allow ourselves to feel and acknowledge emotions, even negative ones. The problem happens when we allow these negative feelings to control our lives and cause us to lose our focus on Christ. These are all valid emotions for anyone, especially for one suffering from CFS or Fibromyalgia, but we don’t have to let these feelings sneak in, fester, and crush our spirit.  Verse 8 goes on to say, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour.”  How easily these feelings can slip into our lives and devour our spirit and ruin our Christian walk. Be vigilant!  Feel it, acknowledge it, and cast it at the feet of Jesus

He cares for me. He loves me. He doesn’t want me to bear these burdens in my strength. I don’t have that kind of strength. I can go to Him. Confide in Him. Bear my soul to Him. How else could I stay sane in the midst of 15+ years with CFS/FM? I often question how people without Christ can possibly get through a trial. And there are those who have trusted Christ and then abandon Him because life gets too hard and they get angry – if they run away from God, where are they running too? I mean what is the alternative, really? A completely angry and bitter life on top of a physically defeated life? At times I’ve been tempted, but I’m just not going there. I certainly can’t burden chronic illness alone or with the extra baggage of bitterness. No way. I go to Him and ask for His strength to get me through my emotionally hard days. I choose to cast my care on Him because He cares for me.

What emotions related to chronic illness are you struggling to conquer today?


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