My First Post!

Well, my first blog post!  Let’s see how this goes.  My plan is to blog about the things that encourage me and lift my spirits as I walk the journey of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  My hope is to inspire fellow sufferers along the the way to stay spiritually grounded in the midst of chronic illness.  Keep an eye out for “Tuesday Tips”.  I’ll break away from inspiration blogging to  sharing my personal coping tips.  I’ve spent fifteen+ years searching for little ways to help me feel better from day to day and I am happy to pass along my experience.  Although, each person’s CFS/FM journey is different, I am hoping that my tips may help some of my readers. Check out the About page and learn more about me and the purpose of this blog.  The next five blogs will be a series entitled “My Journey”.  It will chronicle the beginnings of my illness in 1995 and tell my story through the years.  After that, we’ll dive into inspirational blogging.  Thanks for reading!  Glad you could join me!

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